Largest Lake in the World

Here's the Largest Lake in the World

Largest Lake in the World by Surface Area
1. Caspian Sea - Asia - 371,000 sq km (143,000 sq mi)
2. Lake Superior - North America - 82,100 sq km (31,698 sq mi)
3. Lake Victoria - Africa - 68,800 sq km (26,563 sq mi)
4. Lake Huron - North America - 59,600 sq km (23,011 sq mi)
5. Lake Michigan - North America - 57,800 sq km (22,316 sq mi)
6. Lake Tanganyika - Africa - 32,900 sq km (12,702 sq mi)
7. Baikal - Asia - 30,500 sq km (11,776 sq mi)
8. Great Bear Lake - North America - 31,328 sq km (12,095 sq mi)
9. Lake Malawi (Lake Nyasa) - Africa - 30,044 sq km (11,600 sq mi)
10. Great Slave Lake - North America - 28,568 sq km (11.030 sq mi)

Largest Lake in the World by Volume
1. Baikal - Asia 23,600 cubic km
2. Tanganyika- Africa - 18,900 cubic km
3. Superior - North America - 11,600 cubic km
4. Lake Malawi (Lake Nyasa) - Africa - 7,725 cubic km
5. Lake Michigan - North America - 4900 cubic km
6. Lake Huron - North America - 3540 cubic km
7. Lake Victoria - Africa - 2,700 cubic km
8. Great Bear Lake - North America - 2,236 cubic km
9. Issyk-Kul (Ysyk-Kol) - Asia - 1,730 cubic km
10. Lake Ontario - North America - 1,710 cubic km

Deepest Lake in the World
1. Lake Baikal - Asia - 1,637 m (5,369 ft)
2. Lake Tanganyika - Africa - 1,470 m (4,823 ft)
3. Caspian Sea - Asia - 1,025 m (3,363 ft)
4. O'Higgins Lake (San Martin Lake) - South America - 836 m (2,742 ft)
5. Lake Malawi (Lake Nyasa) - Africa - 706 m (2,316 ft)

Largest Lake in the World Info

World's Largest Lake (by volume):
The salty Caspian Sea is the world's largest land-locked body of water. It contains approximately 18,900 cubic miles of water (78,700 cubic kilometers).

Lake Baikal is the world's largest freshwater lake in terms of volume. It contains about 5521 cubic miles of water (23,000 cubic kilometers), or approximately 20% of Earth's fresh surface water. This is a volume of water approximately equivalent to all five of the North American Great Lakes combined.

World's Largest Lake (by surface area):
The salty Caspian Sea has the greatest surface area of any lake at 143,200 square miles (370,886 square kilometers). Lake Superior, on the United States/Canada border is the freshwater lake with the greatest surface area at 31,700 square miles (82,103 square kilometers).

Largest Lake in the United States:
The largest lake in the United States is Lake Superior, one of the Great Lakes, located on the United States / Canada border. It is largest in both surface area 31,700 square miles (82,103 square kilometers) and in volume of water 2904 cubic miles (12,100 cubic kilometers).

Largest Lake in the World Stats

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