Biggest Vagina in the World

Here's the Biggest or Largest Vagina in the World

The biggest pussy or vagina in the world belongs to Hanna Montesman from Holland. She was measured last in November 2008 by the World Sex Records Association.

Her pussy is 16 inches long and supposedly 20 inches wide. There was no contest to decide which woman had the biggest pussy in the world. The Sex World Records official refused to comment on how they learnt about Hanna's big pussy.

However, they gave us a photo of the World's biggest pussy or vagina and you can clearly why she won the biggest pussy or largest vagina in the world title. Our sources tell us that this information was given to the Association by her boyfriend.

And you thought all vaginas were the same in size for most women.

I hope you enjoyed learning about the biggest and largest Vagina in the world. When we tried to find out which is the biggest Vagina in the world we found this information. The information above on the biggest Vagina in the world is gathered from various world record resources. So, the biggest or largest world record holder may change.

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