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Here's the Biggest or Largest Slide in the World

The world's biggest water slide is called Insano and is located in Brazil. It is 41m (134ft) tall, and you reach speeds of 105km/h.

The Insano is the highest water slide in the world at 41 meters high, a record listed in the Guinness Book of Records. Its height is equivalent to that of a 14-storey building.

As a consequence of its height and slope, this water slide provides an extremely rapid descent - taking between four and five seconds - at a speed of 105 km/h. Because of these characteristics, the Insano is considered the most extreme of this type of equipment on the planet. At the end of the track, the Insano provides you with a relaxing dive into the swimming pool.

Pilgrim's Plunge at Holiday World will be the world's biggest water ride, not water slide.

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