Biggest Park in the World

Here's the Biggest or Largest Park in the World

Chugach State Park in Anchorage, Alaska has been voted as the biggest park in the world.

Chugach State Park is a 495,204-acre (2,004 km˛) state park in the Municipality of Anchorage in the U.S. state of Alaska. Located in the Chugach Mountains just east of the Anchorage Bowl, it is a very popular recreation destination. It is the third-largest state park in the United States. Chugach State Park is accessible through numerous trailheads all located along the east side of Anchorage, or the southern side of Eagle River. The Chugach State Park website lists 28 recognized trailheads. The Park has three public campgrounds, located at Eklutna Lake, Eagle River, and Bird Creek. The campgrounds are manned with a host to pay the small fee, and have amenities of fire rings, picnic tables, water, and latrines. The Park also has available, for interpretive and Alaskan information, the Eagle River Nature Center which is operated by a non-profit organization in cooperation with the State Park.

Northeast Greenland National Park, is the worlds biggest national park, with a area of 972,000 square kilometres (375,000 square miles), making it the only park larger than 163 countries, it is the only national park in greenland, it was originally created on 22/05/1974 and expanded to its present size in 1988.

The Phoenix Park in Dublin, Ireland, is one of the largest urban enclosed parks in the world. At 1760 acres it is larger than Central Park in New York and Hyde park in London. The park is home to the president of Ireland and contains the police headquarters. In addition, the Phoenix Park boasts the third oldest zoo in the world (opened in 1830).

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