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Here's the Biggest or Largest City in the World

With the merger of core cities, suburbs and satellite towns into large metropolitan areas, the very largest cities in the world have in fact become megacities, i.e. cities with more than 10 million people. The area comprising Tokyo and Yokohama is, with a population of between 33 and 35 million, the world’s largest megacity. Other cities among the world’s top five megacities are Mexico City, New York Metro, Sao Paulo and Mumbai.

The list of the world’s largest cities, by land area, is headed by New York Metro, with a total area of 8,700 square kilometres. Tokyo/Yokohama is in second place with almost 7,000 square kilometres, followed by ten cities from the US. Mumbai, with a population density of almost 30,000 people per square kilometre, is the world’s most crowded city. Kolkata (Calcutta), Karachi and Lagos follow behind.

The biggest city in the world by population size is Shanghai, China with a population of 13,773,100 as measured in 2007.

Shanghai city is followed by Mumbai, Karachi and Istanbul.

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