Biggest Baby in the World

Here's the Biggest or Largest Baby in the World

The Guinness Book of World Records says the heaviest baby ever was born to Anna Bates of Canada in 1879.

It weighed 23.12lb (10.8kg) and died 11 hours after birth.

Biggest Baby in the World Unofficially

When ten-month-old Karan Singh bundles into the playroom, other toddlers must run away screaming.

Because, at a hefty 22kg (3st 7lb) and at nearly 1m (3ft 2in) tall, Karan, seen right, is a giant among babies.

His size is no surprise to his mother one of the tallest women in Asia at 2.18m (7ft 2in) who has to feed him 20 times a day.

'People who don't know us stare but Karan always wins them around with his smile,' Svetlana Singh said.

'He has a very jolly nature and has already started walking. The food he demands must give him extra energy because he is very strong.'

The parents, both doctors from Meerut, India, are proud of their size. Father Sanjay, who measures nearly 2m (6ft 6in), fell in love at first sight.

He added: 'I was unsure if I would ever find a wife to match my height, but as soon as I met Svetlana I knew we would make a great couple.'

Another Biggest Baby in the World?

A woman in Brazil has given birth to a "giant baby" weighing 17lb (8kg) - twice the size of an average newborn.

Ademilton dos Santos is the heaviest boy ever born in Brazil, says the Brazilian Gynaecological Association.

Ademilton was born by Caesarean section on Wednesday at a hospital in Salvador in north-eastern Brazil.

He is Francisca Ramos dos Santos' fifth child and doctors said his unusual size was probably due to his mother's diabetes condition.

Paediatrician Luiz Sena Azul said Ademilton "could truly be considered a giant baby, for he was born weighing what a six-month-old-baby normally weighs".

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